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Every bag embodies every single woman working in the world who contributes to her own economy. This is why each one of our bag is different, unique, and special. Each piece of work opens a new chapter to a new adventure for strong and positive Duende women. The Duende bag has its own story and reflects the beauty in nature. Every stitch on every bag is carefully crafted to reproduce the scenes and colours from nature itself.


When a piece of work is handmade, it is vital to pay attention to details. The craftsmen transfer a part of themselves into their products. Their skills have been developed for years and they can produce fantastic pieces. We rely on traditional design techniques, and we take time to innovate on new processes and materials in order to achieve unique designs. We care about the details of the handmade final piece, and we combine it with high-quality materials to create a lifetime product.





An ancient technique, also known as saddle stitch, is a form of art that begins with the manual drilling of each hole on the parts to be put together. It includes a fine movement of the needle and a consistent handle of mordaza to achieve a smooth seam that looks clean on both sides. Hand sewing has superior quality and power, even if a stitch is broken, it will never be torn, so it is not like machine stitches. The technique has an inherent beauty, which can only be achieved through hard work and dedication, and as a result gives a main piece.