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Is it safe purchasing items on

You can safely purchase on through PayU system which preserves your informations within' high level security systems. 

What are the payment options?

You can use credit card while purchasing items online. We accepy AMex, VISA and MasterCard.

How can I get my purchased item repaired in the future?

If you had purchased your item on our website, please contact our customer service on If the item is bought on another sales point, please kindly contact their customer service.

How can I exchange my purchased item online?

You can easily refund and exchange your purchased item by sending us an e-mail on

Is the shipping cost included the final price while purchasing?

The local orders in Turkey provided by Yurtiçi Post is for free and the international orders are charged a standard shipping fee which you may see added on the final price at the moment of completion of payment procedure.

Is wire transfer or liquid payment option included in payment section?

No, unfortunately, we only have payment in credit card.

In how many days can I refund or exchange my purchased item?

You can refund/exchange in 14 days starting from the purchase date. To be able to refund, the item should have had any damages and be in mint state of use. You can contact us on for any exchange/refunds.

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