When a product is crafted by hand the attention to detail is important. The skills developed through years of experience sum up to a piece of art that has the artisans character embedded. It gives soul to the product, that's what we are all about. We rely on traditional crafting techniques as well as dedicate time to innovate on processes and materials to achieve unique designs. The combination of high quality materials with the attention to detail of hand crafted goods results in a leather piece that lasts a lifetime.


H A N D   S T I T C H I N G


An ancient technique, also known as saddle stitching, is an art-form that starts with hand punching every hole on the pieces to be stitched together. It involves a fine movement of the needle and a consistent handle of the mordaza to achieve a smooth stitch that looks clean on both sides. A hand stitch is of superior quality and strength, it'll will never fall apart even if one stitch breaks, it's not like machine stitches in that way. The technique has a inherent beauty, which can only be reached through hard work and dedication, giving as result a master piece.

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